Konpresio Sock
Full-Length Compression Socks

Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks

Professional Anti-Fatigue Socks

Konpresio Features

Designed in collaboration with Physical Therapy experts & Orthopedic Doctors,
Konpresio Compression Socks are the perfect combination of function, comfort & convenience.
Konpresio Features
Konpresio offers 5 levels of optimal compression to boost blood circulation through the legs & feet,
reducing the root cause of pain - inflammation, while providing support & stability.
Designed with 3D Weaving Technology, the compression socks are super sleek to fit discreetly below
your bottoms & fit into your shoes, while being breathable & sweat wicking for comfortable all-day wear.
Compression Socks

Pain-Free Happy Feet

Professional Anti-Fatigue Socks

Peppy Pet Ball
Light COmpression
Light Compression

Boost blood circulation from the legs to the feet

 Moderate Compression
Moderate Compression

Supports & stabilizes Achilles Tendon

 Firm Compression
Firm Compression

Snug fit for whole foot &
ankle pain relief & protection

Instant Relief From

Foot & Leg Pain

Designed to support foot & ankle strength and stability,
while delivering a warm massage-like feeling to relieve soreness, stiffness & pain.
5-Zone Compression
Breathable & Light Fabric
Ergonomic Non-Slip Design
Quick Dry & Odor Free Tech
Unisex & Free Size
Shoe Friendly