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Peppy pets

Home of the
Peppy Pet Ball

Our flagship pet product has been wagging tails and providing endless hours of fun for years now. Visit our storefront to check out the Peppy Pet Ball and see what other fantastic items we have available for your furry best friend!

covert couture

Lifting Bra  

Solving fashion dilemmas and helping to keep you covered even in the most revealing gown, Covert Couture is a game changing adhesive lifting bra which helps to shield and support so that you can look your best, all night long. Check out our storefront today!


Need Pain Relief?
Compression Knee Sleeve

No matter how active you may be, Konpresio will have a product that can make your life easier and more comfortable. From compression socks to knee sleeves visit our storefront and check out how we can help you bring relief to your joints in work, sport and life.

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